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Do Teachers Treat Their Students Equally?

This has been a debated issue since some believe that students need to be treated equally while others say that each student should be approached differently. However, both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages.

Do students enjoy being treated equally? Does it benefit them in the long run? Does it improve the relationship between the teacher and the students? Some of these questions may not be clearly answered since thoughts on this matter vary from one individual to another. However, some factors may be seen as reasons for the unequal treatment of students by teachers.

Performance Level of the Students

Every student is equipped with different abilities and skills in studying. This ranges from those who can grasp almost everything taught in class to those who need to revisit their books each and every time to understand a particular concept. In this situation, equal treatment of students may be discouraging to those who are weak, since they may require more attention from the teachers.

Gender Bias

Girls tend to be socialized by teachers towards the feminine ideal. They tend to be praised as being obedient, calm and well organized while boys are treated with less importance as they are expected to be independent. Gender bias may also apply in situations where male teachers tend to favor the female students while the female teachers favor the male students.


Students from ethnic minority backgrounds tend to be treated unequally from those in the majority ethnic background. For instance, a teacher may perceive a student from a minority ethnic group as being a weak student and use offensive statements while teaching. This may make the student feel demoralized, and it may affect their performance in class.


Some of these factors should not make a teacher treat a student differently.

Gender bias and racism may affect those who are facing it both emotionally and physically. In such a situation, the students need to be treated equally, and less emphasis should be put on their gender and ethnic background. However, on the level of performance, the teacher should consider using the individual approach on students so as to motivate the weak students and also recognize the strong ones so that they may not feel left out.

Teachers should, therefore, choose the best approach and why they feel it is the appropriate one to be implemented.


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