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Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities

Learning disability is a term that describes different forms of learning problems. Students with learning disabilities face a lot of challenges because they have problems in listening, reasoning, reading, writing, doing the math and speaking. This challenge affects students on how they understand and process details.Learning disabilities are of different forms they differ from one student to the other. Students with learning disabilities require support from their teachers so as to help them overcome those problems.As a teacher giving support to students with disabilities can be very challenging. The following strategies may help teachers to overcome those challenges.

Be familiar with Different Types of Learning Disabilities

Teachers are supposed to acquire more knowledge about learning disabilities. This will help them to know all the types of disabilities, what causes them and how they can help students to overcome those problems. And with that knowledge they will be in a better position to identify students with learning problems among others students and they will be able to support each one of them with his/her specific problem without facing so many challenges.

Establish Good Relationship with Students

As a teacher, it is important to create a good relationship with students. This will make students feel free and comfortable, and they will be able to ask you questions and express their problems without fear.This will give you an opportunity to know more about their learning problems and helps you to come out with good ideas on how to support them and this will help students to improve on their studies.

Nature Student’s Strength and Interest

Students with learning disabilities face many problems in different areas, but they may be best in other areas. Teachers should try to identify and pay attention to the best side of the students by discovering their strengths and interest.Teachers should give students many opportunities for practice and always try to appreciate their effort. By doing this student will be able to improve their learning problems because they will feel appreciated and their level of self-esteem will increase.

Dealing with Specific Learning Problem

Teachers should try to identify specific learning disabilities affecting each an every student. This will help them to come up with good ideas for helping their students because each student has his/her problem. For example, if students have problems in reading instead of giving them books to read, it would be better for teachers to record their work on the handset and give them to listen to the verbal information as many times as possible.This will help students to improve because they will find the work easier and interesting and with time they will be able to cope with their problems.

Learning disability has no cure it is a lifelong situation. However students with learning disabilities given good support by their teachers they can be able to cope with the situation and learn successfully.

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