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What is the correct aim of education?

The education is supposed to make a child’s mind

  • More grasping: the education brings the child a new world where he can learn new things and by doing that he is increasing his mind’s grasping capacity. Tips of education are going to make room in the mind of the child for new ideas and thus let him develop his ideas. This is important that education lets the student think independently. When the student is encouraged to just memorize all the things without logic their ability o, form new ideas are lost somewhere, and this would be a great loss.
  • More independent: The grasping of ideas makes him dwell over them and then he derives his conclusions and then implements those conclusions in his life. This makes him independent and responsible. It is only a responsible student who will become a responsible citizen in future and help in the development of the people of his nation. The student will understand his or her duties towards the people around him and would make decisions depending on that.
  • More sensible: the actions and their reactions lead him to know the effects and side effects of his way of living, and that leads him to make more sensible decisions in life. The analysis of the pros and cons of the decisions that were taken previously by the student makes him more prudent for the decisions of future.

All this and much more goes with proper tips of education with the right direction. But, in today’s world education has lost its meaning and the students have become more and more self-centered. They want what is good for them; they do not want to look at other people’s problems and sufferings; they do not want to understand the situations in which the other people might be entrapped, and they definitely do not want to help if the person in front is not able to extend anything back in exchange.

This attitude is not good for the future of the human race as such. The humans have a distinct place in nature because of their ability to think abstract and feel the pain and problems of others. This quality can only be developed in children with the right tips of education. All the efforts should be made to instill in the students the value of giving and helping without expecting anything in return. This can only be done with the examples put forward by their parents and teachers.

If the teachers take the responsibility of their students then only it would be possible for the students to recognize the faults in their attitude and decisions. This fault must be shown in a gentle way without humiliating the student otherwise, there can develop a rebellious attitude. The rebellious attitude then does not allow the student to learn further. So, if a teacher is taking all the steps in a calculated manner, he or she can develop individuals who are vital for the human race.

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