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Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities

Learning disability is a term that describes different forms of learning problems. Students with learning disabilities face a lot of challenges because they have problems in listening, reasoning, reading, writing, doing the math and speaking. This challenge affects students on how they understand and process details.Learning disabilities are of different …

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Understanding an autistic child

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is characterized by a repetitive and characteristic pattern of behavior that impairs normal or social activities. In other words, an autistic child is not able to interact well with other people. In comparison, boys are most likely to be affected than girls. The child is unable …

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The impacts of education to mankind


Since industrialization, many things have changed for the better. It is evident in matters related to building and construction, economy, legal matters, medical care and education. Different countries, in particular, have demonstrated that these infrastructures offer value to peoples’ lives by restoring necessary changes to make their lives better. In …

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