8 Things You Should Know About How Does Apple Verify Education Discount

How Does Apple Verify Education Discount

Apple announced a discount for students on Apple Store and the App Store to celebrate Education. They have started this new program, which they call Education Discount, in early 2018 with a discount of up to $200 for educational institutions across the country. But how does Apple verify education discounts?

Check out these 15 things you should know about how does Apple verifies education discounts.

Apple Education

Apple Education apps can provide students with information about educational materials and content, test out classwork, learn new skills, earn course credit, view presentations by teachers, and collaborate on assignments.

The teacher can assign homework through the app to students who cannot attend classes or complete work in person. Teachers can also use the app to keep track of what their students are working on during class.

The apps have features that allow educators to assign group projects, provide feedback on homework and determine the average performance of each student.

Does Apple really check education discounts?

Apple is known to check if a customer has an education discount when they attempt to purchase an Apple product online.

Therefore, when small business owners are trying to sell an Apple product in person, they would need to call the marketing office of their chief executive officer.

Using online technologies helps smaller businesses compete with brick and mortar companies when selling their devices, solutions, and businesses.

 How Does Apple Verify Education Discount

Apple verifies education discounts by searching online to find the school’s name, the student’s name, and the university identification number.

Apple will then explore the online database to confirm you are an educator and find the correct Apple discount.

Upon finding anything, Apple cannot sell it at a reduced price because they wouldn’t receive any money from selling their product or service to whoever has an education discount.

This is not only the case with Apple but also other large retailers. Target Corporation follows the same rule. When selling their products in-stores, they must check if you are an educator before selling it at a discounted price ($15).

Can high schoolers get an Apple student discount?

Apple students can get the student discount by presenting their high school ID, but they must be enrolled in at least one course.

You can check if you qualify for a student discount online by entering your high school’s name and the course(s) you enrolled.

A discount will be applied when they check out. High schoolers can pay for the products and services they need.

Does Apple offer a student discount?

Students enrolled in eligible colleges, universities, or vocational schools may qualify for a discount on Apple products. For a student to meet the criteria for the Apple Student Discount, you must have a valid school letter from one of these schools.

You cannot purchase non-Apple devices when your order is placed online with an existing student discount.

The selection will depend on current stock and market demand. Therefore, if it isn’t available in stock or not enough, they won’t add new orders (amount of students receiving).

How to claim an Apple education discount?

The Apple Education store offers discounts up to 40% off all purchases if you are enrolled in an eligible degree program.

When you check out, the discount is automatically applied, so you do not need to use itApple Education store does not offer degree programs. Please contact customer support for more information on receiving this discount.

 How can I take advantage of an Apple student discount?

You can find the student discount at https://education.apple.com/student_discount/. If you are enrolled in university, you can select the products you want, add them to the shopping cart, and then check out and follow through with standard shipping instructions.

Items shipped within China may require additional action from the customer support team, such as completing a customs declaration form or submitting other compliance documentation.

How do I apply for Apple’s student discount? 

Corporate Membership! Contact your regional personal account manager to take advantage of an eligible education store membership to access special education programs, government educational discounts, and workshops.

Students enrolled in degree programs through after-school organizations may be affiliated with the University Store program or have local store locations that provide classes on-site at https://supportxlj4.apple.com/en-us/professional.

FAQ:8 Things You Should Know About How Does Apple Verify Education Discount.

Apple student discount India

The Apple Store is currently offering an exclusive student discount in India. You can avail of this offer by following the steps below:

  1. Visit the Apple Store website and select “Apple Student Discount” from the menu on the left-hand side of the page.
  2. Enter your student ID number, which you will find on your school ID card or letter from your college, into the box at checkout to receive a 20% discount on Apple


  1. The promotion lasts until September 30th, 2018, so make sure to use it while you still can!

UNiDAYS verifies your status as a student in what way?

UNiDAYS verifies your student status by verifying your school enrollment or providing proof of your current school enrollment. If They have not been confirmed as a student, you will be charged an adult fee.

 How much of a discount do teachers get at Apple?

Apple offers discounts on its products to teachers. It offers up to 50% off for school, Education, and institutional purchases.

Apple also has a unique educational pricing program called Apple Education Pricing, available in the United States only. This program offers significant discounts of up to 70% off retail prices.

Does Apple still give free Air Pods to students in 2021?

No, Apple no longer offers free Air Pods to students in 2021. This is because the company has raised the prices of Air Pods since, For the first time, they were introduced. The cost of an Air Pod was $159 in 2018, but it rose to $199 in 2019 and will increase again to $249 for 2020.


Apple has a history of supporting education, and we hope that they continue to do so Unlocking the future requires education, and we hope that Apple continues to keep it as well. Apples have their method of verifying if you are an educator. If you want an education discount on Apple products, follow these steps. If you are searching for how apple verifies education discounts, then you are at This is the right place to learn about how Apple confirms education discounts.


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