What Online Colleges Accept FAFSA: Find the Right One for You

Online Colleges Accept FAFSA

The FAFSA is a form, that all college students have to fill out in order to get financial aid. So, what you may not know, however, is that many online colleges also accept the FAFSA as a way for you to apply and receive financial aid! What Online Colleges Accept FAFSA? Find out now!

What Online Colleges Accept FAFSA?

Many online colleges accept the FAFSA as a way for you to apply and receive financial aid. However, just because an online college accepts the FAFSA does not mean that it is appropriate or recommended for your specific situation. Before applying to any school with the FAFSA, research if they are accredited by The Department of Education. Take a look at this list of online colleges that are accredited by the Department of Education.

Below are some of the top online colleges that accept FASFA:

University of Maryland, College Park

The University of Maryland, College Park is a public university that offers both online and on-campus programs. They offer bachelor’s degrees in many different areas with an emphasis on science and engineering. With their high enrollment numbers from students who live across the United States as well as abroad, you can be sure that you will be able to find a community of students who are ready and wants to help out their fellow classmates.

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is located in Philadelphia, PA, but their online division allows for many different schools from all across the US. They offer undergraduate degrees and graduate degrees with a focus on science, engineering, technology, and business. They even offer their own on-campus housing for students who choose to live in Philadelphia while they attend school!

University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix has over 200 campuses all across the United States as well as many others internationally. Many individuals prefer attending university online because it allows them more flexibility with their time; they can continue working while they attend classes and school. The University of Phoenix focuses on business, education, human services, and information technology to prepare students for the future.

These three online colleges are just a few examples of some top-ranked universities that accept FAFSA! Be sure to check out many more options when researching your best-fit college; you will never know if your dream school accepts FAFSA until you check!

Why Should I Apply for Financial Aid with the FAFSA?

The simple answer to this question is that applying with the FAFSA can be beneficial. To begin, financial aid awards are not based on grades or test scores like they might be at other schools; they are based on a student’s need. The FAFSA helps colleges identify students who may be struggling financially and can help them receive the funds they have to continue their education.

How to apply for FASFA?

First, make sure you are eligible for FAFSA. The Department of Education lists all the eligibility requirements here

Next, complete and submit your application! You can find stepwise directions on how to fill out the form with this guide.

Where Can I Find Financial Aid?

Once you have filled out your FASFA, you may be wondering where to find your financial aid. You can find many different types of financial aid through the Department of Education’s website

However, if you are looking for more specific kinds of costs that you’re FAFSA might cover (such as room and board!), check out this list!

If none of these options work for you, check out some other places you might be able to find financial aid!


To pay for school, scholarships can be a great way. You can find many different scholarships based on your specific needs, major, interests, and more!

Financial aid is available through local organizations as well. Many churches offer grants or loans that their congregation members may qualify for, so check with the church closest to you! Additionally, most states have some sort of financial aid available through your local government.

Remember, if you are having trouble finding financial aid, there is a great chance that someone else in your community will be able to help! It never hurts to ask for help and guidance- especially when it comes to the future of your education.

Private Loans

Private Loans that are not from a bank or credit union. These loans can often have more flexible repayment plans and lower interest rates than those offered by banks. You have to do some research before applying for any type of private loan, as some may not be worth your time.

Work-Study Programs

These programs allow students to take on part-time jobs while they are in school so that they can subsidize their tuition costs. To find out if this opportunity is right for you, check with your college’s financial aid department or the Department of Education!

FAQs: Online Colleges Accept FAFSA 

Is applying for financial aid just as important with online colleges?

Yes. It is true that many students are able to attend college without receiving any financial aid. However, the FAFSA is a great way to ensure that you are eligible to receive any type of loan or grant.

How does applying for financial aid with the FAFSA work?

When you fill out a FAFSA, it is sent to the Department of Education. The Department then sends the FAFSA to every school you listed on your application to review and consider granting financial aid.

Did You Know?

You can fill out the FAFSA in as little as 30 minutes. There is also an option to save your application if you are not ready to submit it yet!


The FAFSA is a form, and all college students have to fill out to get financial aid. What you do not know, however, is that many online colleges also accept the FAFSA as a way for you to apply and receive financial aid!

If you’re looking at an online school but aren’t sure if they will take your application, check with them before you enroll. They might be able to help make applying to go more smoothly by accepting this form of documentation from applicants!

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