5 Common Online Master in Education programs

online Master in Education programs

As a teacher, pursuing an online master in education programs can be the most convenient way of advancing your career in the field of education.

With the technological advancement, most higher learning institutions in education can now offer a chance for students who don’t have the time or money to be in a traditional classroom setting. Those students who are far from those institutions can also do their studies conveniently at home.


An online master’s in education is designed to train you as a teacher, for a specialized area in the field of education such as developmental psychology, early childhood development, special education, among others.

Each program will differ depending on the area of specialization. With the flexibility that comes with it, an online master’s in education will lead you to more career opportunities and in most cases lead to higher salaries.

Five of the most common online Master in education programs :


1. Masters of education in early childhood education and development

Master of education in early childhood education is best suited for those teachers or students who have an interest in working with infants and toddlers during their formative years. It is also best suited for those who want to work with humanitarian organizations.

2. Masters of education in project planning and management.

This area of specialization is both marketable and high rewarding. A master’s of education in project planning and management trains students in all aspects of project management right from its inception to completion.

5 Common Online Master in Education programs

3. Masters of education and curriculum instruction

Students who want to work at the ministry of education or the institute of curriculum development are best fitted to take up a master of education and curriculum instruction. This field equips students with knowledge in all areas of education and policy of the Kenyan education system.

4. Masters of Education in Education Psychology

If you have an interest in counseling and psychology, a master’s of education in education psychology would be the best for you. This program mainly focuses on learning and human development. Pursuing an online master of education in psychology will give you a better understanding of the effects of a child’s biological environment and development on learning.

5. Masters of education in educational technology 

Though not very common on online platforms, a master of education in educational technology offers potential use of learning technologies in various contexts. It is very well suited for teachers who want a grasp of technological advancement.

In today’s world, getting a master’s in education has been made easier through online platforms. There are many other masters of education programs that are offered in Kenya, both in the public and private institutions of higher learning.

However, not all programs can be offered online. Some of them require the traditional classroom setting because of the practicality that comes with them. Nevertheless, you as the student are in the best position to choose which mode of study suits you best.

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