Carnival Of Crafts: Traffic Light Crafts For Preschoolers

Do you have kids? Are they preschool age? If so, today is your lucky day! This blog post is all about traffic light crafts for preschoolers. You’ll find some really great ideas that are sure to spark your child’s imagination and creativity. Not only that, but the traffic light crafts will help teach them colors and shapes as well. Enjoy this Carnival of Crafts!



How To Make Traffic Light Crafts For Preschoolers

Traffic light crafts are great for preschoolers. Similarly, these craft activities include the following: Traffic Light Painting Traffic Light Cookie Cutter Craft Traffic Light Shapes Traffic Lights in Bottles Traffic-light Necklace

Traffic lights have become a big part of today’s society, so what better way to teach children about them than through traffic-light crafts?

Traffic Light Painting

Traffic light painting involves painting the colors of the traffic light and a white circle for the middle. It includes the following materials: Red, amber, and green paint and a Permanent Marker.

What You’ll Need

  • Traffic Light Painting template
  • Red paint
  • Green paint
  • Yellow paint

How To Make It

Paint the top part of a traffic light red tape your paper down with the red part facing up, paint the middle section green. Let dry and remove the tape. Next is the yellow portion, but instead of tape, place your paper down paint side up. And paint the outer ring yellow.

Traffic Light Crafts For Preschoolers

Traffic Light Cookie Cutter Craft

You’ll need a few materials for this traffic light craft: White cardstock and construction paper in red, amber, and green.

How To Make It

Cut just inside the lines of your templates for best results. Use construction paper as a template and trace the shapes on your paper. Then take one of each shape and place them on top of each other to form a pyramid. Glue the pieces together and then you have your bridge traffic light!

Traffic Lights in Bottles

For this traffic light craft, you’ll need two materials: water and food coloring.

How To Make It

Ensure that your water bottle is half full. Next add six drops of green food coloring and last but not least, add four drops of yellow food coloring. Your kids will love watching these lights turn on and off as they tilt their bottles back and forth.

How To Finish

Set your lights up in a place where you can see them from different angles. If you have a table nearby, try putting them there!

Traffic Light Shapes

For this traffic light craft, you’ll need four materials: Red paper yellow paper Green paper Scissors.

How To Make It

From the red paper, cut out a triangle. Next cut out a diamond from your yellow paper. Then cut out a square from your green paper.

Next, place them in order on top of each other. Remember, red goes on the top, followed by yellow, and then green. You now have a traffic light!

How To Finish

To make a hanging decoration, tie a string or piece of yarn through each shape’s top!

Traffic Lights Necklace

For this traffic light craft, you’ll need only two materials: Red paper and Yellow paper.

How To Make It

Draw a circle on your red paper, cut out the circle punch a hole in the top of it.

How To Finish

Next, cut out another circle from your yellow paper and punch a hole at the top of that one as well. Tie both pieces together for a hanging decoration!

Traffic Lights In Balloons

Well, this fun traffic light craft for preschoolers uses balloons.

How To Make It

First, print out an adult-supervised template for your preschoolers would include printing a green, red, and amber template on cardstock. Next, punch a hole in each shape and punch your holes at an angle so that they point downward.

Next, blow up a balloon. You may need assistance knowing how to do this. Ask someone who knows!

How To Finish

Then, have your kids color their templates and then tape them to each balloon. When they’re complete, ask an adult to help you tie the balloons on a chair, tabletop, or something similar.

Then, wait for some unsuspecting passerby (or family members) to stop and wonder why little traffic lights are hanging from the ceiling!

Traffic stoplights crafts for kids

Kids can make traffic stoplight crafts by using items such as construction paper, paint, markers, and scissors. They can create a simple stoplight with red, yellow, and green circles and hang it on the wall or even make a 3D stoplight out of cardboard boxes. Other ideas include creating a stoplight mobile with red, yellow, and green streamers, or making a stoplight out of popsicle sticks and pom-poms.

Why Make Traffic Light Crafts For Preschoolers?

Traffic light crafts will help preschoolers learn about colors and shapes. You can see them on a table or hang from the ceiling! Your children will have fun with these traffic light crafts, as will you!

Also, these traffic light crafts are great for playdates! How so? Well, you could let the children paint their own version of a traffic light with an adult supervising. Then they can glue the pieces together to make their very own hanging decoration.

Teaching Kids About Shapes, Colors, and Hand-eye Coordination

You’ll also teach your kids about shapes, colors, and hand-eye coordination in no time! How?

  1. First, find a paint shape picture and print it out for your kids to color, cut out, and paste together to make their very own traffic light.
  2. Next, use the template provided for this craft and make your very own bridge traffic light with any of the materials listed above.
  3. Finally, make your own traffic light necklace by punching two holes in either triangle paper or diamond paper and tying them together with some yarn or string. How fun!

Traffic Light Crafts For Preschoolers FAQs

How to make traffic light with paper

Making a paper stoplight is an easy and fun craft activity for children of all ages. It can be done with basic household supplies like construction paper, scissors, glue, and a jar lid. The process consists of cutting a large rectangle out of black construction paper, tracing and cutting circles out of the red, yellow, and green construction paper, and then gluing the circles to the black rectangle with red on top, yellow in the middle, and green on the bottom.

The finished product is perfect for decorating a classroom, a hallway bulletin board, or even a refrigerator! For an added challenge, preschoolers can also trace, cut, and paste while being able to identify and order the colors on the traffic light.

Another option is to fold the black construction paper in half lengthwise and get two traffic light bases out of one page. You can also use pop dots to give the circles more dimension. To make the craft even more interactive, you could have the kids create a “car rug” where they can place their traffic light for some instant traffic control. Other variations of the project include making a traffic light chart out of paper with a black cardboard base and wrapping a paper tube in black cardboard.

No matter what variation you choose, this activity is sure to be a hit in any classroom, at home, in a club, or during a scout meeting. So gather your materials, break out the construction paper and get ready to let your creativity shine!

What type of traffic light crafts do you usually make with preschoolers?

There are several ways to make traffic light crafts with preschoolers. One of the most popular is by using paper plates and construction paper.

Can you make an orange traffic light craft for preschoolers?

Yes, you can make an orange traffic light craft for preschoolers. Traffic lights come in different colors.

How do you make a yellow traffic signal craft for preschoolers?

To make a yellow traffic signal craft for preschoolers, you’ll need to use orange paper plates and construction paper. If the child holds up the paper plate like a traffic light, it will look as if it is real.


My goal is to inspire your kids with this post. I hope you enjoyed it and found something that inspires your kids! If so, please share it on social media with the hashtag #craftsforkids. We also look forward to seeing their creations! And if not, we want to know what you think about our ideas for crafts for preschoolers – let us know in the comments below.

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