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a-b teach continuing education

About A-B Tech Community College

Asheville –Buncombe Technical Community College or A-B Tech continuing education is a public community college in Asheville, North California founded in 1959, this is one of the oldest colleges in North California.

It serves both Madison and Buncombe counties as it has five branches. It enrolls students from anywhere as well as overseas. It enrolls more than 10,000 students in the curriculum and more than 15,000 in continuing Education.

This kind of enrollment simply shows that this is one of the largest schools in North California.a-b tech continuing education


AB Tech’s Continuing Education is specifically for adults who aspire to further their students.  Students can pursue several courses such as practical nursing, Machinist as well as Electronics Engineering Technology. Did you know that students in Continuing Education could also consider the associate programs AB Tech offers?  The associate degree programs include Fine Arts, Arts, Science, and Engineering.  There are also more than 30 colleges transfer pathways, 2-semester diplomas as well as certificates.

What is continuing Education?

AB Tech continuing education is a program of classes for adult students. It is available in most universities and colleges.  It is available on a part-time basis as it targets updating knowledge and skills in professional fields such as education, engineering, and medicine.  It is worth mentioning that most of these subjects are mainly practical and not educational.

Driving force behind AB tech continuing education success

AB Tech Community College came up with this idea to change lives as well as strengthen the community.  The college delivers quality Education and support that contributes to the personal development of the students. The students are mainly making efforts to achieve excellence and integrity in their workplaces or in the community.

Student Eligibility

Continuing Education is a form of Education designed for adult learners. In special cases, minors such as those from 15 to 16 years-old can only get a chance if:

  • They obtain the required permissions and signatures on the College’s Minor Permission Form
  • There is an available chance in the class


AB Tech-Com College understands that these adults may not be able to buy all the required books. This is because books are expensive; hence, they only buy what is essential. They must bring the books to the class where they will share and learn everything.

Students can buy these books at the Asheville. These books are also available at the A-B Tech Madison site for classes meant for AB Tech Continuing Education only.

For students to find the textbooks easily, it is vital to know your course’s terms such as Fall, Winter, or Spring, 4 digit course numbers, and 3 letter course labels.  You will access all this information in your continuing education schedule.

For instance:

Class: A+ Certification prep-PDE-6700-300

Course Label: PDE

Course Number: 6700

Find out more about books by visiting AB Tech books

Method and format of continuing Education

Continuing Education is mainly practical lessons.  The delivery may be a traditional form of classroom lecture as well as laboratories.  Keep in mind that most continuing education use distance learning includes videotaped materials, online Education, independent studies, and broadcast programming.   It is interesting because it is part-time learning; hence you can continue with your daily routine and create time. It can be two hours in the evening or during weekends.


A-B Tech College states that A-B Tech continuing education listing will not be a contract between her and any student.   There might be an error during preparation due to publication.  They allow students to make changes in case an error occurs. A minimum enrollment will continue a sequence, of course. Tuition as well as fees may change as regulated by the State Legislature.  There might be changes in the continuing education schedule due to severe weather.  In case there are changes in the schedule, the college will inform all the students who are pre-registered as well as enrolled.

Why continuing Education is important

A-B Tech continuing education aims at developing skills and knowledge in learners. This is a crucial program in the 21st century as it:

  • Increases your chances for promotion

A new qualification makes an employee qualified for advanced work as well as the best candidate for promotion.  Do you hope to get a promotion at your work? Well, an advanced degree will give you an upper edge.

  • Increases your ability to make a career transition
  • Increases your salary; most of the continuing programs are Government agency-sponsored. These agencies intend to appreciate employees’ loyalty; hence they would train them and promote them in turn.
  • Improves image and market ability
  • Increases personal development
  • Improves your lifestyle

Disability Support Services

AB Tech continuing education also accommodates individuals with disabilities. However, the college requires applicants to request reasonable auxiliary communication aid, accommodation, and other learning materials. They should submit their request in time for proper planning. A-B Tech College has all the facilities that will ensure smooth learning for people with disabilities. They range from hearing aids, braille machines, and building well made to favor them.


In the Event of Inclement Weather

AB Tech continuing education may stop when prevailing weather conditions are severe. However, there is no need to raise the alarm because everything picks from where it stopped when it resumes.  The college also provides a procedure that students will observe during the inclement weather conditions:

  • The college make a statement and send messages of its operation by 5.30 am and post the same on the website
  • They will also make announcements on local radio as well as TV stations for day classes
  • They will record a voice mail message on the College switchboard
  • If the college schedules to open at 10:00 am, continuing Education scheduled to open prior will all commence by 10:00 am. Those classes beginning at 10:00 am will follow their regular schedule.


A-B Tech continuing education is a program that targets adults.  It imparts additional skills and knowledge to people. It is a perfect idea for an individual who wants a promotion or want to explore other fields.


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