Fort Bliss Education Center (2022)

fort bliss education center

Location: Texas

About Fort Bliss Education Center

Are you interested in continuing your education? Would you like to explore Fort Bliss’ academic opportunities and find one that suits you?  We offer face-to-face classes alongside a rare benefit to military students.  We will help the soldiers to maximize their previous military service. Through this education, they will convert their prior experience into applicable college credit.  We believe that other than being a military, you can still better your future through registering with us.

What the center provides

This center provides a personalized classroom setting with versatile course schedules such as weekends, daytime and evenings.  We are inviting the current serving military family as well as spouses and veterans to apply. Explore and take advantage of our educational opportunities.

Our students will complete their courses in two months’ time and not four months.  We have a faculty where are committed and dedicated to the success of students. We have different sessions within same year that will earn you multiple entry points. For instance, there are two sessions in the spring, two in the fall as well as one for summer.

We are happy to let you know that we provide a wide range of military friendly degree courses. These courses are flexible, high quality at a low cost.

We also offer online military education. Long distance learning is a way of reducing population in the college. Moreover, it give you time to study independently.

Educational services

Fort Bliss Education Center is a branch of a military college.  It specializes in high quality educational program, which will allow working class adults and the soldiers to earn a college degree.  This center specifically serves the military members as well as their dependents.  The college aims to enable earning degree easy as well as cheap for everyone. This is an opportunity for those working and still has other responsibilities to pursue their dream courses.fort bliss education center

In education center, there are varieties of class times as well as a range of online study options.  You can complete your degree quite fast by considering an accelerated semester.  A financial aid caters for the cost of higher education.

Student enrollment

The center enrolls more than 21,000 students annually in both undergraduate and graduate programs. They also offer extensive learning programs that comprises of two schools.

Facilities and resources

Fort Bliss is has all the equipment that students may require has all the equipment to support leaners.  The facilities range from hostels, health care units, libraries and laboratories. This center is strategically located near some of the best parks and restauration centers.

Academic programs

For Bliss education center is strategically located at 2494 Ricker Road, Fort Bliss Texas. It is one of the branches of Fort Bliss Army Education Center.  It is a popular college that allows soldiers to continue with their studies after training.

It offers college degree programs, pre-college testing as well as career counselling among other services. The center offers free tests to active military as well as their families.

The center believes that an educated soldier is a vital asset for the army. This is an opportunity for the soldiers to pursue their educational dreams. This is a one-stop location to manage your educational college.

The center provides a virtual gateway for you to access Tuition Assistance (TA) online. It encourages booth classroom and distance learning.

Accredited course in Fort Bliss Education Center

Pother than the TA benefits, the center offers thousands of regionally accredited courses and degree plans.  The center serves:

  • Schools to deliver degree and course offerings as well as report soldiers’ progress
  • Soldiers to pursue their postsecondary educational goals
  • Army education counsellors to provide educational guidance

Features of Fort Bliss Education center

  1. The center participates in this pro alongside 2389 other schools.
  2. There are 136,558 active on Tuition Assistance
  3. The center offers distance learning to more than 10,003 students. All these include degree programs. Most of the courses in this center are online hence; it is easy for anybody to pursue their dream course regardless of their location.

Fort Bliss has a team of dedicated members who make efforts to impart developing skills in soldiers.  They would like to achieve a good community by good planning and resourcing.  All these are possible through providing educational program services to all interested soldiers.

 How to use Tuition Assistance (TA)

Everything you need to know about using Tuition Assistance:

  1. Students should register their class in your Education center account up to 60 days in advance as well as at least 5 days before classes commence.
  2. Sign the statement of understanding quarterly on your education account.
  3. Find out more about the TA policy; see your local ACE Councilor.

International affiliations and students exchange options

Most courses in Fort Bliss Education Center may take duration of between 3-4 months. They are short courses that do not consume a lot of time. Note that these courses related to military. We have military service men from across the world visiting Bliss to pursue their dream career courses.

The center also participates actively in exchange programs. These programs are mainly online-based hence; it will be easy for everyone to consider them.

Why you should consider Fort Bliss Education Center

Fort Bliss Education program is a perfect place to be for any student out there. The courses are interesting and they consume less time. They range from trucking driving courses, mechanical courses as well as diving among others. They only last for a few weeks then you graduate.

The college has all the equipment that will ensure that you maximize your training. There are also others things that you would like to know about Fort Bliss such as radar part, military laboratory as well as libraries among others.


Fort Bliss Education Center is the place to be. It gives the soldiers an educational opportunity to enhance their skills. These courses are available for both undergraduate and graduate programs. They are exceptional, high quality and inexpensive.


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