Ole Miss School of Education (2022)

ole miss school of education

Location: United States

Established: 1848

About Ole Miss School of Education

Ole Miss School of Education is one of the divisions in The University of Mississippi.  This school prepares its students at both graduate and undergraduate levels. The school’s administrators and professional educators want to inspire students as they advocate diverse learning did you know that this school enrolls more than 1105 students in Ph.D., Ed.D, Master’s, and undergraduate programs annually.

Faculty and staff

School of education enjoys a pride of having an outstanding excellent faculty who work tirelessly to make a difference.  They focus on giving the best to achieve student achievement as well as success.

The faculty conducts researches alongside students, teaching, and service to ensure that they give the best educational experience to their students.

That is why Ole Miss School of Education enjoys a top ranking in relation to academics in The University of Mississippi.

According to interviews conducted on students, they say that their amazing faculty and staff is what give them the best learning experience.  As mentioned earlier, the faculty conducts researches as well as collaborative educational programs across Mississippi State and the rest of United States.ole miss school of education

The faculty wants the best for the students. They work collaboratively with the staff to achieve advancement of knowledge to their students. In turn, they also provide invaluable service to Mississippi community.

The faculty openly defines what education is to them through their dedication and commitment in teaching. They are ready to help their students in any way to ensure that they fulfil their educational dreams.


The University of Mississippi is one of the leading universities across the world that offers an excellent education. It also participates in exchange programs with other universities form across the world. Moreover, she enrolls international students from all over the world. Her popularity is due to excellence in academics.

School of education provides the best learning environment for students especially those who have interests in becoming a teacher, school principal, and K-12 administrator, and counselor as well as higher education professionals.

Did you know that the school of education appears in the top 100 best education schools in the best Grad School ranking? This is according to U.S. News as well as World Reports.  Find out more about school of education ranking

Graduate programs

All interested candidates who meet the requirement of The Mississippi University, will first complete the online application of the university.  They can track the status of application online as well.  Applicants must submit all their documents to graduate school such as official college transcripts, GRE test scores as well as application fee.

The application deadline and requirement vary per programs.  This includes the essays, professional work experience, and a point of average among others.   At time, you will also provide applicable teaching licenses in M.Ed. in Elementary, secondary as well as Special Education.ole miss school of education

The same procedure applies to those who are applying for undergraduate programs.  The process is simple and easy to complete within a few minutes. Read all the requirements well and provide everything that the university requires.

School of education offers accredited programs for both graduate and undergraduate students.  Even though sixty percent of the school’s population comes from Mississippi State, other students come from other states as well as other countries across the world. This university admits international students from more than 90 nations.

Regardless of same vision and mission in the school of education, students will also enjoy a chance to exchange their cultural experience. Other things will attract you to this school rather than education. You will love the environment as well as the endless support from the faculty.

Departments, centers and outreach

Did you know that this school supports the faculty in their research as well as scholarly contribution to the education field?  As mentioned earlier, this school also considers exchanged programs with other universities form across the world.

For instance, the faculty collaborates with other colleges and schools at The University of Mississippi as well as national centers.  Additionally, the faculty considers grant programs to strengthen learning and teaching opportunities in this school.

The history behind ‘Ole Miss’ title

We can trace the nickname of ‘Ole Miss’ back in 1897, this when the student’s yearbook was first published.  The University of Mississippi held a contest to find the yearbook’s title.  Elma Meek emerged the winner.

She said in one of the interviews that, “ I had often heard old ‘darkies’ on Southern plantations address the lady in the ‘big house’ as ‘Ole Miss’… the name appealed to me, so I suggested it to the committee and they adopted it”.

Other historians claim that she derived this name from the term “ole’ missus”, American-African term meaning, “Old Mistress”. Others claim that Meek derived the name from “Old Mississippi”.  Apart from being the yearbook’s name, it is also the informal name of The University of Mississippi.

Ole Miss School of education excellence teaching program

The school participates in UM collaborating teaching program. The reason behind this program is to attract many students to teacher education programs with full scholarship as well as professional incentives.ole miss school of education

The main intention of this program is to attract top high school senior who wants to become Mathematics and English teachers in Mississippi

World-class teaching program

The world-class teaching program is a unique program in Ole Miss School of Education that provides support to teachers who go through the National Board Certification process.  No wonder the school has the best faculty who has the students’ interest at their hearts.


Ole Miss School of Education is one of the divisions in The University of Mississippi. This university boasts a pride of top ranking in relation to academics and student relations. She is strategically located in one of the best States in U.S.

She is the State’s largest university in terms of enrollment and she boasts a pride of being the State’s flagship university. Ole Miss School of Education has the best programs and faculty.

This school attracts a number of graduate and undergraduate students especially the aspiring tea.

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