Starting a Home Daycare in Florida: What You Need to Know

Starting a Home Daycare in Florida

We are here to show you how starting a home daycare in Florida is an exciting and rewarding endeavor that requires lots of hard work. We will show you how to start, and topics include:

  • Licensing requirements
  • Insurance options
  • Finding clients

There are other issues specific to starting your business in this state.


By reading this blog post, you will learn everything there is know about how much work goes into opening up your own child care center and discover how rewarding it can be when you finally open your doors!

Starting a Home Daycare in Florida: The basics

From Start to Finish Florida is a great place to start a home daycare. We have a long history of being family friendly and, as a result, we have a large community of small-business childcare providers. In addition, Florida has one of the most affordable childcare costs in the country. Below you will find some helpful information on getting started as a home childcare provider in Florida.

How does Florida’s home daycare system work?

Currently, 62,000 children in Florida attend home daycares. State-regulated daycare or registered family daycare are the two options available to parents. Under the state-regulated system, a parent must go through a process to make sure daycare is appropriately licensed. A child must be under the care of someone with an active state license and no more than three unrelated children can be cared for at one time.

Home Daycare Providers in Florida

Providers of home childcare in Florida are regulated by the state. Parents looking for home childcare in Florida can get information from providers or from the state agency. The state agency is the Department of Children and Families (DCF). A child care provider must be at least 18 years old to provide care, unless they are enrolled in high school or an equivalent program. To become a provider, they must also complete 30 hours of training through an early childhood education program or pass an approved exam.

Florida Home Childcare Licensing Requirements

Florida is one of the few states that does not license childcare facilities. However, it is important to understand that just because a facility is not licensed, it does not mean that it is not safe or that it does not meet certain requirements. The state’s Department of Children and Families provides some guidance on this subject. For example, the department has recommendations on the type of furniture and equipment that should be provided at a child care facility. But these recommendations are not laws.

Insurance Options for Home Daycare Providers in Florida

In the State of Florida, home daycare providers have three main options when it comes to insurance: You can purchase a policy from a company that offers a specific home daycare policy. This is a good option if you only care for a few children at a time in your home, but keep in mind that not all companies offer this type of policy. You can create your own policy by going through a professional insurance broker.

Finding Clients

When you start a home daycare in Florida, you will want to find clients. Once your childcare license approval comes thru. You should make contact the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF). Which will provide you with a list of parents in your area who are looking for a home daycare.


The best way to start off  a home daycare is through word-of-mouth. Parents will be hesitant to turn their child over to someone they don’t know or trust, so make sure you build a good reputation and base of loyal customers.

Steps by step guide to Starting a Home Daycare in Florida

Home daycares are becoming increasingly popular as parents realize how beneficial they can be. If you want to get in on the trend, follow these easy steps and you will quickly find that how to start a home daycare in Florida is quite simple.

  1. The first step is that may, you will need to contact your local Department of Health for licensing information.
  2. The next step is how to start a home daycare in Florida which requires contacting the DCF.
  3. Next, you will need a business license
  4. Next set up your space. We recommend that you create separate play areas for different age groups.
  5. Next, will be hiring staff. If you determine that you need additional employees.
  6. Have you thought about possible drop-off locations? Drop-off locations make it easier for parents because they can leave their children off close to work.
  7. The Next step requires marketing your business and getting the word out about how beneficial you are as an option to send kids during the day.
  8. Finally, you can open your doors to business.

Best Practices That Will Help You Stay Out of Trouble With the Authorities

Current home daycare license

Having a current home daycare license is essential. Not only for operation purposes but to avoid the sudden shut down by the authorities.

The Florida home daycare license is valid for an entire year, and the annual renewal process can be done online. Do not consider it’s okay to operate without a home daycare license because you will only need one if there are children at home.

State laws prohibit any person from operating a daycare in Florida without having a license. This means that it is unlawful to operate one even when no children are present at home. Or when there is nobody else around except your kids, you will never leave them alone with strangers.

Daycare Insurance

Home daycare insurance is important but often overlooked. It protects you against unforeseen accidents that could be costly to the business. Similarly, child care insurance covers your daycare or childcare facility for damages, injuries, or deaths that might occur during off-duty hours. The coverage is very affordable and can protect both staff members and children who are not under their supervision at all times.

Home daycare staff members must be able to handle emergencies

Your home daycare staff must know how to handle emergencies. They need to know how to take care of children who are choking, have an allergic reaction, or other life-threatening situations that might occur in the daycare home. Also, they must be able to administer first aid when needed.

Hours of operation

You must articulate the hours of operation clearly. Since this is a home daycare center, parents may think that the hours are flexible; however, they are not. So to avoid any conflict or complaint from parents, define how many hours you are open and how late. The last thing that a home daycare owner wants is to have to keep their child at the facility longer than they have to.

What you should never do as a home daycare Owner

As much as possible, avoid doing the following at all costs:

  • Not having liability insurance coverage for your daycare home
  • Being rude to parents on the phone or in person. This is how you lose customers quickly. Be cordial and polite even when you hear accusations of something that’s not true.
  • Not having a written agreement with parents when they enroll their child in your daycare center home. This is how you avoid future misunderstandings when it comes to billing, payments, or cancellations of contracts by either party.
  • Not having a fire extinguisher and other emergency equipment at-home daycare center. This is how you fail to protect your clients’ lives when there’s an emergency in your house.
  • Furthermore, you must child-proof the house to ensure it’s safe for children at all times.
  • That includes little items that may harm them as well as how accessible dangerous objects are kept in consideration of your kids’ safety.

How to Choose the Right Location for Your Home Daycare Center

You need to be able to answer the following questions when trying to determine how your home daycare center will operate:

  • How much space is available in my house?
  • How many kids can I accommodate at once?
  • Are there enough rooms for all of them, or do they have to share a room while sleeping over?
  • What are other things that I need to consider if I have decided how many kids are going to be in my care at one time?
  • How much will it cost me monthly for utilities, insurance, etc.?

Considerations When Starting a Home Daycare in Florida

There are many factors when starting a home daycare in Florida, but the main ones to consider are how much it will cost you monthly for utilities, how many kids can you accommodate at once, and how much space is available in your house. 

Starting a Home Daycare in Florida: FAQs

What does it take to start a home daycare in Florida? 

To start a home daycare in Florida, not only do you need to have a license and approval by the state. But it is also highly recommended that you provide some sort of continuing education for yourself.

How much does it cost to start a home daycare in Florida?

It costs just $340 per year to maintain your licensing and approval from the state of Florida. But be ready for additional monthly fees due to having employees. 

Is it easy to get a license for opening up a home daycare in the state of Florida? 

To open up a home daycare in Florida, you will need to meet age and distance requirements as well as pass an annual inspection.

What is the average salary for a home daycare provider in Florida?

A Florida child care worker makes an average of $217 per week.


Together, we will explore starting your own home daycare in Florida. We hope you find our post helpful as well as a good starting point for asking questions about what it takes to be effective with this business venture!

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